About Us

Hello, my name is Dawn Faulkner and welcome to my website ‘Stylish Shabby Chic’. I have always been creative and it is a joy to paint furniture, highlighting certain parts of each piece which allows me to express that creativity.

A wide range of colours to complement any design project.

It is great to see how furniture can take on an individual aspect with the lovely colours I use, but in the same token, work so well to complement the detail and the character, which is always my aim with every piece.

I highlight the detailed piece by either leaving a piece of the wood to its natural state, or by using two, sometimes three colours that complement each other.

It’s a joy to see a piece of furniture given a second chance and equally important to retain the original features.

I do not always distress every piece, sometimes I leave them to a smooth modern finish, completed with a coating of clear wax to enhance the colour and offer further protection.


my beautiful border collie who keeps me company whilst I am busy painting - Copy

My beautiful border collie ‘Holly’ is always by my side to keep me company whilst I am busy creating, sanding, painting & waxing.


Dawn, thank you so much for delivering the chest of drawers and the vintage cabinet.They are such beautiful unique pieces that I will cherish. You have such a wonderful talent , I would buy all of  your pieces if I had the space.

Helen. Basingstoke