The home of shabby chic

Trinket-box-with-different-colour-drawersFor me, shabby chic is all about buying a lovely piece of furniture and quirky little pieces that may look tired or worn and giving them a new lease of life, whilst still retaining the character. It is exciting to see, as I paint, the furniture taking on a different look and feel but one that complements the original detail.

“It is vital to retain the character and detail of every piece”

My furniture is available to purchase, so please do not hesitate to contact me about any of the items on the website or on my facebook page at on Facebook.

Should you have an item you would like me to paint, please contact me on either 01252 515004 or 07500 808298 to discuss further.

Creative…Inspired…Hard working…an eye for colour and detail…great choice of quality paints which add to quality pieces of furniture and quirky decorative items.

Nora Price {Client}